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What is a podcast? 

A podcast is an episodic audio program on the web. The simplest way to think of it is as “on-demand radio”.


What are podcasts about? 

The range of topics available to listeners of podcasts is virtually unlimited. No matter the topic, if you like to talk about it, there is someone who wants to hear about it.


Who listens to podcasts?

According to Edison Research, as of January/February 2020:

  • 55% of the US population (age 12 and above) has listened to a podcast
  • 37% of the US population (age 12 and above) has listened to a podcast within the last month
  • 39% of men, 36% of women, 49% of the population Age 12-34, 40% Age 35-54, 22% Age 55+ have listened to a podcast within the last month
  • Monthly podcast consumers grew by 16% year-over-year, cresting 100 million Americans for the first time.

Why your business needs a podcast

  • Effectively share your message: There is no one correct medium to use to communicate. You need to put your message out to the places where your audience is. More and more, your audience is listening to podcasts.
  • Brand Awareness: The familiarity and consistency of an ongoing podcast helps develop your company’s brand to make it a household name.
  • Create Authoritative Presence: A podcast provides a format for sharing your expertise in your industry.
  • Audience Connection: Hearing the voice of the presenter gives the audience a stronger connection than simply reading the information on a web page.
  • Audience Convenience: It can be consumed by the audience hands free while they work, and it can be consumed by the audience at their convenience, not to someone else’s schedule.
  • Reach More Qualified Prospects: You are not reaching out to one prospect or potential customer one at a time, you are reaching out to many at one time.
  • Low-cost marketing: The cost of creating and distributing a podcast is low compared to other forms of marketing.
  • Long-term marketing: Podcasts are not a one-shot medium, they exist beyond the moment. Your message can continue to be heard days, weeks or even years into the future at minimal costs.